Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 14

Ok. I've really sucked at this.  I've been having so much horrible mouth lain that I'm not keeping up with much.

Last night I ended up in the er because the pain was so bad.  They did a dental block and gave me.vicodin to take home and another antibiotic.  This morning I went to the dental clinic to make an appt and they pulled me in immediately.  They ran some tests and realized my mouth hurt too much for an infection.  They ran more tests than removed the filling from my tooth and found that it was split in half.  In the split, the tooth was dying.  It had taken them 5 hit's of lidocaine to get my mouth fully numb.  They pulled the tooth, which was a painful process.  Now, my jaw is killing me from the process.  I took vicodin which I don't like.  It didn't help the pain and made me throw up.

Earlier today, because I could only eat soft food, I had jess bring me sf jello and cool whip.  It was amazing.  I had 3 tubs of it and half the cool whip :/ most food I've eaten in weeks at one sitting but about 300 calories and most of what I threw up shortly after.

Hopefully I wake up tmmr feeling a lot better and I can put this behind me and focus on getting healthy.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 10

Yes yes.  I'm really bad at doing this daily.

Today was my dance recital. It was fun but I am in a lot of pain.  It was a long 2 days with the rehearsal yesterday.

 Struggling to eat enough food.  Im never hungry.  I force feed myself just to try for 800 cals.  My 1200 a day.  Yesterday I had like 500.  You'd think this is great but 3ating too few cals can cause brain issues and make you gain weight in the long run.

Not sure what my agenda is now that dance is done.  I'll have to work on that.  Right now my insomnia is winning.  I'm going to try to work on that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 5

Yes I missed day 4, but not health wise.  I. Still in a lot of tooth pain so I went to bed early again.

Today I had a ct so I had to drink contrast.  It met me up a bit.  I got home around 2 and hadn't eaten yet and since I already had sugar in the contrast, I allowed myself about a tablespoon of ketchup on my eggs.  They were so fucking delicious!! Seriously.  I did ddr and swam.  Over all good day.

My favorite part of all of this, is how much I appreciate the little things I allow myself. The ketchup, the few pieces of dark chocolate, the coffee..they all tasted like the best thing I've ever eaten.  I look forward to eating "normally" and still appreciating foods at this level.

On a side note, I got my right split done! That's a huge accomplishment for me :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Challenge day 3

If you are keen on details, you may have noticed that I missed yesterday.  I was having a very bad day and bad bout of depression.  I took meds and went to sleep.  Yesterday I walked around a lot and did well on my diet, allowing for a piece of sugar free dark chocolate.  

Today I was still having a bad depression spell so I didn't eat until about 3 pm and have only had 2 small meals.  Today was a rest day for exercise.  Tomorrow back at p90x.

Losing weight while depressed is so much harder.  I shut down and can't be bothered to do anything.   Add in my fibro flare up and weight loss is nearly impossible.  We shall see what happens over the next 90 days.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Challenge day 2: short and sweet.

I'm on pain meds and groggy, so just a quick update.

Had a challenge, I was at a cookout. I ate my salad as others ate hamburgers and cake.  I stuck to my diet and worked out for 30 mins.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Challenge day 1:

I started my day out doing the chest and back DVD of p90x.  I didn't use any weights and did pushups against a wall.  I got through about 30 minutes.  Good start.

I made my meal plan and went food shopping.  30 days no sugar, low carb, no dairy.  Today I had some juice to take my pills and had cheese broccoli before I went food shopping.  Asides from that day 1 has been pretty good.  Small bouts of hunger.  I'm still in a ton of pain from an abscessed tooth which makes everything more difficult.  How are you doing?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm baa aack

Ok, so....I obviously fail at blogging. Or at least I did.  I am now trying again, with a new purpose.  My blog will be split between issues I have with my health as a veteran and now, also, part fitness blog.  Kind of like l, "I'm completely out of shape and have chronic problems but if I can get healthy, then so can you". So for the next 90 days I am taking part in a challenge with friends.  I am giving up sugar for 30 days and doing a complete overhaul for the 90 days.  Let's see where I end up! Anyone want to join us? Jump in in the comments with your starting point and your goal for 90 days.